Welcome to the Transgender Pilots Association! We are a new group focused on providing information to the trans-aviator. Transgender aviators face many hardships, from inequality at the hands of the FAA, to workplace discrimination. Things may be much better than they were in the past, but we still have a ways to go. To learn more about our group, please feel free to browse or contact us.




Recent news from the FAA and our members indicates that the FAA’s policies and procedures regarding transgender pilot medicals has changed as of January 27, 2016. As this is new information we will see in the coming months how this will actually effect the negative atmosphere we have encountered in the past. Please contact us with your experiences in this new procedure so we may keep our information up-to-date, and so we can also keep our advocates in Washington apprised.

Gender Identity Disorder

(FAA AME GUIDE – Monthly Guide Updates 1/22/2016)